Mont St Michel: a uniquely French UNESCO World Heritage Site, only 30 mins away.

Mont St Michel; one of France’s most fascinating places.

An ancient monastery, on a fortified island, just one kilometre from the mainland, Mont St Michel has fascinated visitors for hundreds of years. As a fortress, it appeared to have everything. Easily accessed across the sand when the tide was out, easily defended when any besieging army would have to withdraw or drown at full tide.


The island is about 100 hectares (250 acres) in size and its population in 2015 was 50. Every year, more than 3 million visitors cross the sands or take the new bridge to visit the commune. It’s a truly unique experience and it’s less than half an hour’s drive from our beautiful holiday gites.

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A spectacular place, all-year-round.

Spend the day at this unforgettable place this summer!

Mont St Michel is so close to our accommodation that our guests often go there in the morning, come home for lunch and a swim and go back that evening to experience the sunset or the high tide. It’s that close.

Mont St Michel Spire

Perfectly located for so many fantastic day trips.

  • Folleville is ideally located for so many different types of attractions
  • Within easy distance of beaches, cities and so many attractions.

Ask us about many other options for fantastic day trips in the area. There is so much to do and see in this most beautiful part of France. Don’t forget, you can always forget about exploring and adventures for a while and spend the afternoon at our beautiful heated swimming pool. Sometimes it’s nice just to take it easy!